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Lowestoft Police Vendetta

The Experiences of an Old Man with the Lowestoft Police


So, why did the Lowestoft Police behave in such a perverse manner in this case? I suggest that there are only two possible explanations:

  • Corruption
  • Incompetence
But which was it? Or was it a combination of both? Let us explore these two possibilities in more detail.


Many of the offenders would be considered elite members of society; people who, albeit figuratively, play golf with the Chief Constable. They include, inter alia, partners in the largest law firm in the region, senior management of the largest auction rooms and estate agents in the region, a vicar, politicians, and others of similar standing in the community. Perhaps your initial knee‑jerk reaction would be that such people are above suspicion. Indeed, that is exactly what they are counting on. That is how they get away with their crimes. They all cover for each other in a large conspiracy. Nobody dares to go up against their alliance for fear of losing out on business, being targeted by official harassment, losing political influence, being ostracized from the collective or other “professional embarrassment”. The gullible public just assume that such people must be above reproach, and consider that anybody who dares to suggest otherwise to be lacking credibility.

Although it is naturally difficult to obtain evidence of the workings of this loosely knit conspiracy I will describe one concrete example: At one time I had engaged the services of a local solicitor, Mr. Nicholas Holroyd, a partner in the firm H K B Wiltshires. I described the situation to him, and he assured me he could help. He asked for the sum of £300 in advance, which I paid him. He then told me that he could not act against one of the offenders because that offender was a partner in the largest law firm in town, and to act against another law firm would be “professionally embarrassing”. Translation: The other law firm sent a lot of business to H K B Wiltshires and he did not want to jeopardize that revenue. I demanded my £300 back, and he did refund this money. There is no prohibition on a lawyer acting against another lawyer.

It then began to dawn on me that Mr. Holroyd's name seemed strangely familiar. I conducted a search through my files and discovered that I had indeed crossed paths with Mr. Holroyd several years before. He was a Deputy District Judge that had handled some hearings in my law suit attempting to recover my TV set from the “Gang of Twenty”. In his role as a judge he was presiding over court cases against defendants that he would find it “professionally embarrassing” to act against. But yet he did not recuse himself from that hearing. This sheds light on the mechanisms by which the power and influence of the local elite is expressed. This is how the system works under the hood.


There are many examples published in the mainstream media of quite mind boggling levels of incompetence demonstrated by the British police. In one incident the police arrested a 28 year old man, Stephen McAleer, for carrying a knife in public. The police claimed to have CCTV evidence in which Mr. McAleer could be seen carrying the knife. Mr. McAleer was sent to prison on remand for 3 months, then subjected to a jury trial. He was found innocent at trial because the CCTV footage showed that what the police believed to be a knife was actually a rose he had bought for his girlfriend. But, another facet of this story is that it was the defence lawyers that obtained an image enhancement of the CCTV images to prove their client's innocence. The police refused to do so. Once the police make a mistake they will staunchly resist any attempts to rectify their errors. Since an innocent man was falsely imprisoned for 3 months because of police intransigence why not convict the police of perverting justice? But of course that would never happen, the system looks after its own.

In my case there were many police failures which could have initially been diagnosed as incompetence. But as the years go by, and numerous complaints are made pointing out these errors, the police stubbornly refuse to correct the injustices. Thus, even if the problems start out as incompetence they always end up as institutionalized corruption.


In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, made a speech in the House of Commons condemning the attack, and bragging of his support for free speech. But yet his government suppresses free speech right here in the United Kingdom. His words are hollow, he says only what he thinks the voters want to hear. But the United Kingdom government uses its police forces, its Crown Prosecution Service, its courts, its prisons, to intimidate those that would speak out against its behaviour.

Likewise David Cameron also weighed in on the case of Raif Badawi, a blogger sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, a fine of £175,000 and 1000 lashes in Saudi Arabia. His “crime” was to publish opinions that the government did not approve of. There have been mass protests around the world, and official condemnation from the governments of the United States, Canada, Germany and Norway. This prompted David Cameron to voice his disapproval of this punishment in a speech he made in the House of Commons. But yet once again his duplicity is obvious: David Cameron does not really want the citizens to have free speech.

How can a country that would throw an old man into prison for telling the truth about the atrocities inflicted upon him claim to support free speech? How can a country that uses its police forces to intimidate an old man into silence for the benefit of a criminal enterprise claim to have free speech? Indeed, it has become quite clear to me now that the concepts of truth and justice are fundamentally incompatible with the agenda of the Police and Crown Prosecution Service.

Now I understand.
You are sending me to prison because you tortured me, and that caused me to scream in agony, and my screams of agony are embarrassing to you, and that is harassing you, and that is a crime, and so I must be sent to prison.
Thank you for explaining that to me.

Victim Impact Statement

I have lost my home. I have lost most of my possessions. I have lost my precious photographs - my memories to look back on in my declining years. The police have treated me as a criminal, and pandered to the true offenders as if they are the victims. I have been arrested countless times and served multiple prison sentences on remand as a result of this situation. The offenders have never been punished in any way. The police continue to harass me, while accusing me of harassing the people that destroyed everything that matters to me in this world. The police continue their efforts to intimidate me into silence, to take away from me even the right to speak out about what was done to me. The police continue to make brazen threats to cause more damage to me, and to cause me more pain.

I wish I could find the words to describe the moment I was finally able to enter my home and to discover what these monsters had done. My whole life lay in ruins before me. My mind just shutdown, every circuit overloaded. My legs just gave way and I collapsed to the floor. I screamed. I yelled out in agony. I cried. I vomited. After a few hours I was able to stand. I went outside and ran as fast as I could at the brick wall of my house. I hit the wall head first and passed out. Life had handled me so much more pain than I could handle.

This situation has changed my life, profoundly and irreversibly. I am completely overwhelmed by the intense pain that I must now face everyday for the rest of my life. I continue to exist only to bear witness to the atrocities committed against me.

Prior to this situation I had a life worth living. I had a career in a medical field designing implantable medical devices. This situation ended my career. The last decade of my working life, what should have been the most productive decade, is irrevocably lost. As I came to the end of my working life I should have been able to retire in our family home in Lowestoft. I should have been able to live out my final years surrounded by my memories, looking at my photos, reminiscing with my childhood toys, surrounded by the possessions I have collected over a lifetime or made myself with my own hands. I should have been able to touch and cherish the possessions my parents had collected in their lifetime, our furniture, some art works. I should have been able to sit in my garden on the wooden bench my parents bought to sit on in their retirement, and to enjoy the garden that my parents designed and landscaped with their own hands. But none of that is going to happen now. And why? Because of the greed, the spite, the brutality of an evil gang. A gang that are untouchable because they are elite members of society. A gang that runs with the same pack as the Chief Constable.

Impact to Society

The Lowestoft Police are a danger to society. They are completely out of control. They are playing an egotistic game of bullying the public for their own perverted satisfaction and financial profit. When they are caught in their dishonesty or incompetence they close ranks. They lie and obstruct to protect their colleagues. They cover for each other. They go to enormous lengths to prevent other police officers, and the police force itself, from suffering the embarrassment of having their incompetence revealed. They would rather a member of the public be killed than “get egg on their faces”. They routinely pervert justice and conspire with others to pervert justice. There is no external supervision, no control over their behavior. There are many elaborate illusions of complaint handling agencies. But none of these are real. They are all, without exception, fake institutions designed to frustrate legitimate complaints, and to wear the complainant down until they give up.

The behavior of the United Kingdom government deprives all British Citizens, and all residents of the United Kingdom, of our basic human right to own property, and to control our own possessions. We should have the right to choose who we leave our possessions to after our death. Indeed, the United Kingdom government tells us that is the law of the land. When we write a Will we choose our beneficiaries: These are the people we want to receive our property when we die. We also arrange executors: These are the people that we trust to carry out our wishes; to give our possessions to our beneficiaries after our death. The executors are trusted to carry out our wishes, and not to steal our possessions and keep them for themselves. Often they are lawyers or trusted family members. Usually the executors will have to swear an “Executor's Oath” and receive a “Grant of Probate” in order to acquire the authority to control our assets. The government asserts that these rituals are yet further safeguards to ensure that the deceased's wishes are carried out honestly. A Will leaves the deceased's property to the beneficiaries, not to the executors. It is unconscionable that an executor would abuse their position of trust to take the estate assets for themselves, or to give the deceased's property to their family and friends, to steal precious items that they were trusted to protect. But, the deceased is no longer around to monitor what is happening to their possessions. If an executor is dishonest they can completely ignore the deceased's wishes, they can do whatever they want with the deceased's property. They can defy the Will.

If the system worked correctly the beneficiaries should be able to report such heinous crimes to the police. The executors should be arrested and charged with theft, fraud, handling stolen property, and several other serious offenses. Dishonest executors should serve lengthy prison sentences, and the stolen property recovered and given to the lawful owner, the beneficiaries. But when the Police and Crown Prosecution Service are themselves dishonest, in the pocket of large law firms, and corrupt judges care only about their profits from doing business with the crooks they protect, then the victims will never get justice. The corrupt executors can steal whatever they want from a deceased person's estate. And if the intended beneficiary dares to complain they will be threatened into submission by corrupt police officers and Crown Prosecutors. If the threat alone is not enough to intimidate the victim into submission, then the victim will be sent to prison where they will be unable to do anything to recover their possessions.

This situation renders the whole concept of writing a Will moot. There is no guarantee that your wishes will be carried out. You have no way of knowing if your treasured possessions will be transfered to those you want to receive them. It is more likely that your Will will be ignored, and your property stolen by the scumbags that you trusted. And those public servants paid by the taxpayers to uphold the law will be helping the criminals. This is a serious danger to society. One day you will die. You need to act now or you will become a victim of this situation.

How Does This Situation Affect You

What do you want to happen to your possessions after you die? Do you want to leave your house, your money, your family heirlooms to your children? How can you do that? Perhaps you think that all you need to do is to write a Will. Think again! There is no guarantee that your Will will be obeyed. Your lawyer may assure you that writing a Will is safe; but your lawyer just wants to make money off of you. Your lawyer doesn't have your interests at heart. And if your lawyer writes your Will, and it contains a “Trust for Sale”, then you have no control over who gets your property. The horrendous truth is that your loved ones may never see any of their inheritance. Instead they will spend decades of their life fighting your lawyers, corrupt judges, corrupt police officers, corrupt prosecutors, dishonest auction sales people and many others who make a lucrative living stealing from vulnerable people at the weakest time of their lives. These scumbags are often the elite members of local society. They conspire together to pervert justice, and to steal from deceased people's estates under the protection of the criminal justice system that they themselves control.

And what if your treasured possessions are stolen in some other manner? Perhaps a burglary, a house invasion robbery, a street mugging, or some form of fraud not disguised as estate administration? Will the police arrest and charge the offenders? Not if that would embarrass the police in any way. Certainly not if it would expose the incompetence of other police officers. Will the police make any attempt to recover your stolen items? Not if they were fenced through a so-called “respectable” auction room. That would cause embarrassment to the auction room. If it were to become widely known that items sold at Durrants Auction Rooms were confiscated by the police as stolen property, and the customers that bought them lost both the items bought and the money they paid for those items, potential future customers would take their business elsewhere. Durrants would lose business. The police are in the pocket of local businesses like Durrants. The police will refuse to recover stolen property if doing so would cause embarrassment and financial loss to a business empire run by people who, albeit figuratively, play golf with the chief constable.

So, in summary: Don't expect the police to arrest thieves and con artists that prey on you. Don't expect the police to recover property stolen form your home. The police will pervert justice to protect their own, and to protect the financial interests of local businesses no matter how much pain they cause you. The police consider it better that you be driven to suicide than for their friends to lose business, or their reputation to suffer.

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